1993 Nissan 240SX – Party Boy’s Latest Money Pit


Editors note: 100 percent of this story is 50 percent true. The other 75 percent is only partly accurate, though based entirely on facts. Except for the lies.

This just in from the Department of Redundancy Department: Ryan “Party Boy” Novak likes to party. Plus, he’s a raging alcoholic, a well-documented shit disturber, and a homosexual homophobe. Also, he knows a lot about sucking and blowing, both because his company, Novak Mechanical, specializes in HVAC and because his race team, Novak Racing, has a stable of turbocharged beasts, including a Time Attack–prepped GC Impreza that’s so sexy, it makes straight men drop their pants.

As if to prove his poor judgment beyond his preference in beer (Coors Light—seriously, dude?), he recently acquired one of the cheapest Ferraris ever built, a 360 Modena. As anyone who’s ever had the displeasure of owning one of these Italian hunks of scrap can attest, pose like a douche bag next to one long enough and parts will literally start to fall off of it.

And yet, somehow, Party Boy remains one of the most interesting men in the world, partly because of his brutal honesty (he once told us cars have ruined his life), but mostly because of his passion for posting pictures of himself wearing threadbare tighty-whities on Facebook. We seriously recommend you add him as a FB friend, because his posts combine a flamboyant mix of racially based rants that’d make the crack-smoking Mayor of Toronto blush and drunken selfie video clips ripping on Obamacare.
1993 nissan 240SX bride carbon seats Photo 2/9 | 1993 Nissan 240SX – Party Boy’s Latest Money Pit

Oh, and in case you haven’t figured it out yet, he also has a bunch of badass cars, including his latest money pit, this Rocket Bunnied S13. As Ryan explained between sips of Crown Royal, “I never really liked 240s, to be honest. I never paid much attention to them, as I always thought they were just good for drift cars. Last winter my shop partner, Frank, bought a 240SX convertible for a beater, and to be honest, I couldn’t have cared less—that car did nothing for me. Then a few weeks later, he sent me a rolling shot of the Touge Factory S13 wearing the Rocket Bunny kit. I instantly got a boner.”

That’s when Party Boy started looking into S13s and realized that there was a massive aftermarket for them and that you could swap pretty much any engine into them. As Ryan semi-coherently put it, “I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so naturally, I went out and got me a fresh 240. Within the first week, the Rocket Bunny kit and the suspension bits were on their way. I was originally going to do an LS6 swap, but there was this thing inside of me that didn’t want a mutant car, plus that swap generates so much heat from the headers and exhaust under the car. I needed to keep it all Nissan to be happy, so I went with the RB25. The goal was to keep the car full interior, air conditioned, and reliable for the street—the definition of a true street car.”

OK, hold on. That all sounded pretty reasonable. So apparently the syphilis hasn’t completely destroyed Ryan’s brain yet, but dumping this kind of cash into a project that started with a boner does still leave things open to interpretation. That said, one of the more rational decisions he made was to spray over the tired old factory paint, having first stripped the chassis down to bare metal inside and out, and then lay on a fresh coat of GT-R Ztune Silver.
1993 nissan 240SX front end conversion Photo 3/9 | 1993 Nissan 240SX – Party Boy’s Latest Money Pit

Actually, Ryan did make a few other surprisingly sensible decisions, especially when you consider his willingness to admit that he built this car mainly so he could hang out at his shop and get hammered five nights a week. For starters, he left the RB25 pretty much alone, including the turbo. He figured 350 hp was more than enough since he doesn’t have any plans to race it, but the driveline was still pretty heavily reinforced with an ACT clutch, Blitz flywheel, Kaaz LSD, and a DSS aluminum driveshaft, so you gotta assume there’s some drunken drifting in this car’s future.

The suspension makeover is pretty serious, too, including camber and caster arms by Circuit Sport, Fortune Auto coilovers, and Whiteline sway bars. Add to that the 300ZX brake conversion, and Party Boy’s plan to strictly bench race this thing starts to look even more suspicious. The Bride Cuga seats and Nardi steering wheel also suggest some sideways action, though the baller-status suede-wrapped rear seats and door panels and JDM fanboy-status Type X cluster do add serious hard-parking credentials.

The motorsports-grade engine and chassis wiring harnesses from Rywire might lead you to conclude this is at least a pro-am drift project, though, as would the AEM series 2 EMS and sensors. Plus, all the charge pipes and lines appear to be done with the utmost care and professionalism, despite having been fabricated in-house by Ryan and his band of booze-soaked nut huggers.
1993 nissan 240SX RB25DET Photo 4/9 | 1993 Nissan 240SX – Party Boy’s Latest Money Pit

And then there’s the Rocket Bunny body kit, which requires one of two wheel solutions: über-expensive custom wheels to achieve the very low offset required by the massive fender flares, or some cheap-ass Rotas and gigantic wheel spacers. One thing about Party Boy is he doesn’t cut corners, so you shouldn’t be too surprised that he took the high road by ordering up a set of the never-played-out Work Meister SR1s. And like the confused racer/drifter-wannabe/hard-parking poser he is, Ryan wrapped these Meisters in legit race rubber, in the form of Toyo R888s.

The end result of all this intoxicated wrenching is one of the coolest S13 street cars out there. But there’s a problem: Ryan just might be too big a pussy to actually drive it, let alone do some proper drifting with it. “At the end of the build I was so excited to have it finished so I could drive it, but it came out so good I’m almost too scared to drive it. The best part about this build were the friends who came over late at night and helped me drink beer [and wrote things on his ass with a Sharpie] while I was building it. I think I gained 20 pounds during this build.”
1993 nissan 240SX side bolsters Photo 5/9 | 1993 Nissan 240SX – Party Boy’s Latest Money Pit

Specs & Details
1993 Nissan 240SX

Engine Nissan 2.5L RB25DET turbocharged straight-six

Engine Modifications SYKO engine and trans mounts and downpipe; Godspeed intake manifold, Nissan throttle body, ID 1,000cc fuel injectors, After Hours catted mid-pipe, Apexi WS after-cat exhaust, Novak Racing intercooler and intake piping and lines; Koyo radiator, Circuit Sport water overflow and power steering reservoir, Rywire Mil-spec engine harness and chassis harness; AEM oil pressure and oil temperature sensors; Walbro 255-lph fuel pump

Engine Management AEM series 2 EMS and boost controller

Drivetrain ACT clutch kit, Blitz flywheel, DSS aluminum driveshaft, Kazz 1.5-way LSD

Exterior Silvia front-end conversion, Rocket Bunny body kit, V carbon-fiber hood

Wheels, Tires & Brakes Work Meister SR1 18×11’’ (f) and 18×12’’ (r) wheels, Toyo Proxes 285/30R18 (f) and 315/30R18 (r) R888 tires, 300ZX brake conversion (f/r), Stoptech brake lines

Interior Bride Cuga carbon seats and rails; Nardi steering wheel, suede-wrapped rear seats and door panels, Type X gauge cluster, Kenwood double din head unit

Suspension Circuit Sport caster and camber arms, Fortune Auto 500 coilovers, Nismo power brace, Cusco strut bars (f/r), Whiteline sway bars (f/r)

Special Thanks Frank Chen at JRZ, Ryan at Rywire, Ken at Godspeed, Matt and Scott at Fontana Nissan, AEM, Coors Light
1993 nissan 240SX rear duck bill spoiler Photo 6/9 | 1993 Nissan 240SX – Party Boy’s Latest Money Pit

Party Boy’s Other Projects

Just in case you think Ryan Novak’s a one-hit wonder, here’s what’s currently taking up floor space. He’s built a ton of other no-holds-barred project cars over the last decade or so.

1992 Honda Accord EX – Striking A Chord


The millennium’s flavor of choice for Honda swaps was always the perennial B series as well as the big-block H-series. Still used regularly, began to slow bit, taking a back seat to the new kid, even though times, they do change, and the B- and H-series swaps. Richie Feliz of New York was there when the H was king, and planning to stay ahead of the curve, he decided to take on the K family.

Richie has been turning wrenches for many years and similar to most guys developing in the late nineties, his dream Honda was not the auto-tragic Accord he’d been rocking. He recalls I always wanted an EG coupe having a B-series, everyone I knew had one, it was the automobile to have. After a series of unfortunate accidents and flipping cars he ended up back in a CB7 nearly a decade later, although this one had seen better days. He adds, It was looking for some help. It had the common northeast quarter panel rust and it had damage to both passenger doors … it was also in need front and back brakes. To handle the obvious body rust and flaws, Richie picked up a donor car to drag clean panels and doors from. The new donor car also happened to possess full black interior that Richie promptly swapped from dash to door cards. The OEM brakes were tired therefore they were ditched for a 5-lug conversion using parts from theRichie removed the tired suspension and installed a set of the then brand new Function/Form Type 2 coilovers and upgraded sway bars, before buttoning up the new suspension. Anyone who lives within a road salt state knows that once the rust starts, there is no stopping it, so next on the list was pulling the quarters off the donor welding and car these to the project. Once complete, a coat of Platinum white pearl was laid over the car, a color only available in the UK in the S2000. Searching for more power, Richie installed a JDM H22 and APEXi exhaust system. For the following year, Richie hit every meet he could down and up the east coast while stacking up a slew of rare JDM bits like his one piece headlamps. At the moment, Richie picked up the pride of his collection, an ESP 3-point shock tower bar. He adds, This was the first bar ever made for that CB Accord. If you wanted a 3-point strut bar you had to go custom. Richie still has the bar today and luckily it still fits with his newest setup, in the past.

After some time Richie grew bored and hit the forums and it wasn’t long before a West Coast member mentioned that Hasport had just released mounts and axles to the K-series to CB chassis swap. When this occurs he knew he had to do it. Unlike the Civic/Integra platform which has always had massive aftermarket support, I used to be faced with an issue. The only things provided for me personally were mounts and axles, everything had to be outsourced or custom made. Richie got right to work with sourcing the various components, starting with a K24 and accompanying six-speed transmission that he’d arm with a Competition Clutch and ACT flywheel. Some parts, similar to a DC sports K-swap header for a civic and a Mishimoto radiator from an EP3 were modified to properly fit his chassis. Others, like the Civic RBC intake manifold, were obviouslyaxles and mounts for the swap but from that point it was essentially uncharted territory. To help ease the process, and tidy up the bay, Richie opted to remove all of the engine accessories like power steering and AC, and relocate battery to the trunk to ease within the rewiring. Wiring the entire job was a completely one-off process at the time, so Richie flew in his friend Oscar from Florida to help finish the fragile procedure. Richie put a fork in it because his CB7 was officially done, a brand new heart called for new rollers so the DC5R wheels were replaced with a collection of 17-inch Regamaster Evo’s along with that. Richie’s new cruiser can be seen down and up the East coast, and are available spring, can get strapped to some dyno the first time, keep your eyes open!

The Affordable Guide to Moving House

Moving house is a pricey business which is why so many people try to save a bit money on it any way they may. It might look like a bit of a daunting task to set up a house move yourself but with a little planning, a lot of work and a lot of helping hands it may go remarkably smoothly.

First, of all, you know that guy across the street, the one who waves every morning as he drives by in his brand new RAM ProMaster 1500, well that guy is the new best buddy. For the upcoming few weeks you have to prioritize your buddies depending on which kind of vehicle they drive. Your oldest friend from High School who drives a flashy sports model is no longer in addition to the list . . . except if he is also up for several heavy lifting. If you don’t have any friends with a pickup truck or a van and can’t make any with time you may need to consider hiring a truck or treating yourself to one – check out what’s available at www.ocramtruckcenter.com for starters.


Okay, enough about friends and trucks, how about planning this house move?

You will need an army of friends, family and other helpers, but as with all armies they will need direction if the house move is going to run as smoothly as a military operation.

It’s your decision to make a schedule and a few lists before the big day arrives. Things you need to think about are:

• Making sure that all of your current belongings are securely labeled and packed all set before your helpers arrive on the wedding event. If the cartons are clearly labeled it can make it much better to know where you should place each packing case at the other end of the journey, as well as to know which contain fragile items which needs to be handled properly and not loaded at the bottom in the truck.

• Should your furniture could be dismantled, try to make sure that this is done before your friends arrive to help together with the move.


• Try to arrange the best access you can at both ends of the move. It can make a world of difference if you can get vehicles close to each property. This is especially vital if you don’t have a driveway or parking space outside your property.

• pets and youngsters are a wonderful part of family life yet not on moving day. Try and arrange care for them to keep them safely out of harm’s way.

• Allocate a particular task to every member of they – some might be packing, loading, carrying and unpacking driving etc.

• Make sure that you’ve got a good amount of refreshments to keep your helpers well fed and watered. Nobody will expect a full blown lunch but a number of hot drinks, cold drinks and snacks should be around just to keep everybody’s strength up.

• Try to move at a time if the traffic is just not going to be at its peak. Moving home can be stressful enough without getting stuck in a traffic jam for an hour or two on each leg of the journey.

• Don’t forget to mention thanks to your helpers. Once you’ve got everything unpacked and so are settled in your new home, a couple of beers or perhaps a bottle of wine doesn’t cost much but will be really much appreciated; alternatively you could treat everybody to a take-out when the final boxes have been moved as well as host a dinner party soon after the move.

Thank you note with smiley face , isolated on white

Thank you note with smiley face , isolated on white

2014 Lexus RC Coupe


We checked the Tokyo Motor Show press release up and down numerous times but found no mention of the Scion FR-S. Looking at the Lexus RC we had to ask, how is the fact possible? The press release stated, the RC has been infused with deeply contoured lines, integrating the widest and lowest application yet of the Lexus spindle grille. It is unique in the Lexus range, 1.2-inches wider, 1.4-inches lower and two.8-inches shorter in wheelbase than the new IS sedan, providing a road stance that emphasizes the attraction of a luxury two-door vehicle. IS sedan, so what, compare it for an FR-S…. no, ok, we are going to; check the photo. While you can count on an infinitely more leather-bound interior, the RC is also a much more powerful beneath the hood than the Scion. The production-ready RC coupe, scheduled for launch in 2014, flexes a dual-injection, 3.5-liter V6 rated at a healthy 314 horsepower. An eight-speed, paddle shiftable, Sport Direct Shift transmission adapted in the IS F performance sedan optimizes power delivery and fuel economy. The RC coupe will be offered in rear-wheel drive and-weather drive.

2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe – G-Power G1 V8 Hurricane RS – Shoehorn Special


Big engine, small car: It’s a classic recipe that’s produced some of the coolest cars of all time. Yet nowadays it’s information on downsizing, together with the next M3 returning to a six-cylinder after its foray into V8 muscle.

And even though big motors are fun, who will deny that when BMW chose to give M aficionados a 1 Series deserving from the tricolor badge, a look within the hood at its N54 3.0L straight-six and pair of turbos confirmed it had been just about the perfect combination for the 1 Series M Coupe. After 332, 335bhp and all lb-ft in the small coupe bodyshell was sufficient to satisfy including theHowever, tuners often like to buy the baton and run from the point where car manufacturers stop. And where many businesses would begin by massaging the ECU and increasing the boost, German tuner G-Power decide to do things differently. Very differently indeed.

For their interpretation of the BMW 1M, the straight-six biturbo was junked in favor of the S65 4.0L V8 from the E9X M3. Even though even this could be enough for most of usviewers with the 1st example. As it was highly bespoke, the actual price was hard to pin down but don’t budget for less than $200k if you’d love to own something such as this.

Being handed the keys to this type of expensive and powerful supercar was rather daunting, but opportunities such as this don’t come every day…searched the perfect roads to make the most of what the Hurricane had to offer, and it didn’t take long to discover a quiet stretch of pavement. It was here that we examined the effect of stuffing a supercharged V8 under the hood of the 1 Series Coupe.

We probably don’t must confirm that it’s fast. 600hp at 7800rpm and 430 lb-ft at 3900rpm in a 3500 lb two-door was always a recipe for straight-line fireworks; but this is just the stepping off point – G-Powers has a close relationship with supercharger manufacturer ASA, enablingvents and bulge

Married towards the seven-speed dual-clutch DCT transmission, the Frankenstein 1M seems to compress efforts and distance like no other. If you want, but hook everything up, find the grip, and the acceleration is utterly brutal, you can melt the tires all day long.

Its traction is actually quite good, once it’s been discovered, though wheelspin is easily provoked with the traction control turned off. As a result, the supercharged V8 does most damage once the rear wheels have full purchase around the tarmac: at around 40mph in the dry. If the road is wet, leave the Hurricane within the garage!

Supercharging has developed into a hallmark of G-Power. And where the stock 1M delivered its torque in a wave of low-revs thrust, the V8 RS builds power in a linear fashion. Therefore the faster the engine spins, the more power you get. The characteristic high-RPM lunge for that redline made by the M3’s S65 V8 is present and correct, but ramped up about 50%, because of this. And behind the wheel of a 1 Series, it’s both thrilling and faintly absurd.

2011 BMW 1 series m coupe white leather brown alcantara upholstery 15

2011 BMW 1 series m coupe g power carbon fiber hood 09

2011 BMW 1 series m coupe g power tachometer 06

We weren’t capable of record performance figures nevertheless the tuner claims -62mph in 4.4sec, -125mph under 12.7sec and a top speed of 205mph. Actually, G-Power carries a reputation for demonstrating top speed publicly (search G-Power on YouTube) so they should soon have the ability to verify the numbers.

Supercharging pays dividends in other places, too. The smooth, linear power delivery, for example, compares favorably to the thump of torque typical of turbocharged engines. Furthermore, it makes the BMW easier to drive up to and beyond the limit of its grip. And once in the limit, the G1 RS was very easy to balance on the throttle.

It was simple to meter the strength, reaching the point where the rear wheels were rotating a little faster than the road speed, though of course, 600hp demands respect. The glorious result was a car that may be balanced about the throttle the whole day. It was also reassuring to discover a grippy and precise front-end to depend on. And while thewith all the car’s frantic personality

Inevitably, the Hurricane is a drift champion. Sharper body control, thanks to its tailored KW suspension, played its part, as well as the DCT transmission that allowed the operator to focus on braking and turn-in. Fortunately, the massive Mov’It brakes were over a match to the outrageous performance, with the pedal remaining firm no matter how hard we drove.

In addition to its ASA blower, the V8 engine received a cast aluminum air box with eight induction pipes to balance throttle response. In addition, it got a big front-mounted water-to-air intercooler including a stainless steel exhaust system which offers a vicious bark on thethe previously mentioned KW Clubsport Mov’It and coilovers brakes that utilize six-piston front and four-piston rear calipers with 396mm carbon-ceramic rotors all round. These fit under 20×9 front and x10 rear G-Power Silverstone Diamond wheels with 255/30 and 295/25 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, respectively.

The brakes are said to be 50% lighter than the stock parts, and G-Power included in the savings with a carbon trunk and hood – the hood possessing an M3-style power bulge and ventsbecoming a ripped musclecar, the G1 RS is remarkably civilized inside. Rather than the customary stripped-out, roll-caged track refugee, the cabin received a full retrim in white leather with brown alcantara highlights.

It created a stunning environment to cosset you the commotion outside. Even the exhaust was quiet when unprovoked, along with the DCT allowed effortless paddle-shifts. Naturally, you could specify any exterior or interior color combination, but this exquisite combination seemed very calming.

When the car was conceived, the brief was to create the most extreme 1 Series Coupe possible, while retaining daily usability. And with the G1 V8 Hurricane RS, G-Power hit the nail in the head. So while 600bhp in a compact coupe could have been a nightmare a few years ago, lurching at low speed, burning through clutches and with an overheated cabins, what we have here is a 1M able to outrun most supercars, deliver huge grins and transport you 500 miles without stress. It’s another awesome display in the tuner’s art and became a quick classic the moment the wheels first turned.

Getting the Car You Want


Most people are used to hearing that they can’t always get what they want. But what if you found out that in Nissan Fontana, you can always get what you want? Nissan dealers are committed to helping you to find the exactly right car to fit your needs. Whether you would like something that’s eye catching or perhaps you need something large enough to haul your kids, their neighborhood soccer team, and all the gear, we’ve got what you’re trying to find, can show you your options, and definately will find the car you need.


Begin your new car search by visiting the websites of various dealerships like Metro Nissan Redlands. When you start out with absolutely no idea of what you’re seeking to find, see what each manufacturer and dealership has available, read across the specifications about things like fuel efficiency, environmental impact, plus more, and you’ll quickly began to narrow down your likes and dislikes, even. Also be sure to speak with your family regarding their needs in a vehicle. Do you share your vehicle with anyone, even occasionally? You need your car being something all of your family is comfortable in, whether or not they are drivers or passengers. When you’ve narrowed it down around you can on your own, take the time to visit your dealership and only look at the cars in person. Seeing a car and sitting in it could quickly tell you whether or not it’s something you’re interested in. You may even be surprised when it comes to which vehicles you like directly more than you probably did in pictures. Your salesperson will be able to help you sift through the many specifications and your needs to get exactly what you wish in a car. So, don’t let anyone let you know that you can’t have the car you want.

1998 Honda Civic DX – Authentic Appeal


Human nature is an interesting thing, especially when you consider that the person’s true character is normally exposed during extreme situations. Human instincts override the controls at force and times people to act a certain way. The public-self tends to dull personalities, while professionalism, societal norms, and also other intangibles pull and push certain levers, sometimes in robotic fashion. The amount of time between meeting someone and getting to actually know them depends on many factors and it’s not unusual to encounter the authentic personality of any individual much later rather than sooner. That certainly doesn’t apply to Albert Marty of Stony Point, New York. His up-frontpoliteness and mannerismsan online business that retails high-intensity discharge kits and works on customers’ cars out of his home garage. He started an automotive business as he was just 23 years old. He adds, I changed the name from Auto Sports because everyone kept coming in asking for a stage 2 clutch, a stage 2 cam, stage 2 this, stage 2 that. I was like, what is it with people and stage 2? Which is when I decided I am going to change the name to Stage 2 Auto. Due to the backlash of your 2008 recession, Albert closed the shop now Stage 2 Auto unofficially operates out from his home garage though he plans on moving operations straight back to a formal location in the near future. The physical scale of his current garage limits customer volume. I have been gaining more customers with a small garage than I had been with a 2,500-square-foot facility. Customers are discovering him mainly through word of mouth and it appears that scarcity has actually created a sense of exclusivity that clients are more than ready to seek out, although Not that I feel ashamed about it.

1998 honda civic DX k tuned fuel rail 03

1998 honda civic DX spoon sports steering wheel 05

1998 honda civic DX zeal rear spoiler 09

It was pretty clear after discussing the parts selected for his bright orange hatch, that Albert proudly reps mainly two companies-Skunk2 Racing and K-Tuned. Why? Inescapable fact, I have reached out to so many individuals over the years. We have been working with Skunk2 since they were Skunk Works. These are both always willing to give me a helping hand. Almost every other brand and I won’t push it. The 2 industry heavy hitters turn up throughout Albert’s EJ6 engine bay so that as well rounded as his car is becoming, it only took a matter of 12 months to complete-an ambition that Albert had set for himself in the beginning. Albert feels it could be harnessed more efficiently, although the power, mainly generated by way of a Kraftwerks supercharger bolted to your built K Series, has eclipsed the 500-whp point. I am going to invent a supercharger boost controller. I am going to apply the boost in increments. I cannot wait to drive my car once i get this resolved, he says with excitement. The idea is not difficult and not foreign to the turbocharged crowd-increase boost through each gear in order to supply the available power in a more controlled manner.

Supporting the important power number is a bottom end designed with CP Piston/Manley rods as well as a top end fitted with Skunk2 Stage 3 cams and Supertech valvesprings/retainers. A Vibrant Performance intercooler helps keep the temps down. With the maximum amount of attention as Albert put toward the engine bay, he didn’t take any shortcuts on the exterior. In fact, a great deal of his time was spent deciding which particular shade of orange he wanted. His previous car, a ’93 Civic that his son now drives, was Papaya Orange so it’s no surprise he chose the bright hue for this particular build. He went through shade after shade, but nothing seemed to be perfect for the sixth-gen hatch. Then finally, an ideal shade of orange appeared right looking at him on the highway-slathered over the body of a Lamborghini. This freaking orange had pearl inside! Albert sped up to catch another glimpse. The Lamborghini owner thought he was trying to race and the two began to switch lanes in a faster rate. Eventually, the Lambo exited the highway and Albert followed the orange supercar to a gas station. He was like, that thing can boogie, and I was like, I really simply want your paint code! The man was cool and provided me withpride and joy, Albert’s car works as a form of stress relief, especially on those days that just aren’t going his way. I look at my car and think, just let me take a drive, Albert says. I recieve on the road, jump up on the [New York Interstate] 87, hit Fourth and Third, so when I see smoke being released from Fourth and Third, I realize I am blowing off steam! The raw power is physically challenging. When I return, I complete the work, you know what After all?

At this point, Albert says he’s satisfied with his build. He feels that this Civic is his masterpiece and he falls more deeply in love with the car every day, but just like anyone else, there was doubters along his journey. He closes using this, People will always tell you your goals are impossible to attain. Don’t stop until you prove them wrong. Told you he was a genuinely likable guy.

SpeedFactory Honda Civic Si – The Conversion


Cole Marmon isn’t apologetic of his being raised among a muscle car family, of owning eight Ford Mustangs, of, until 4 years ago, having never owned a Honda. He needn’t be. An accumulation of turbocharged and supercharged ponycars and a family heritage amuck with drag racing and quality time in the pits in a ripe age makes sure of that. But transitioning from all of that-from a life of blown eight-cylinders or even ain to the 8s.

I used to be absolutely amazed by the reliability and simplicity of these [Hondas],. That may be The honest-to-God truth, Cole says, . I needed to know what these people were all about. Unfamiliar territory they weren’t necessarily to Cole, though. He’d already designed a relationship with Tacoma, Washington’s SpeedFactory along with with several of the region’s Honda loyalists. After I originally brought up the idea to the guys at SpeedFactory, I honestly don’t think they thought I was serious simply [because] all I’d owned was Mustangs, Cole tells of the Civic drag car’s beginnings. [That] earned me plenty of grief, especially when there was a handful of 500-700hp Honda street cars [the people who own which] were all really good friends of mine. The transition played out much like you’d expect, though, undoubtedly not at the expense of at least one predictably derogatory punch line aimed right at Detroit, but when all of that settled down, the work began.

1999 honda civic si sparco steering wheel 11

1999 honda civic si skunk2 intake manifold 10

1999 honda civic si kirkey racing pro street seat 12

Lucky for Cole, he already had close ties with SpeedFactory, whose reputation for racing and assembling some of the globe’s quickest Hondas precedes them. Cole could’ve spent the subsequent 10 years forgetting everything they know about Ford’s modular engine family and 9-inch rearends in hopes of mastering B Series engines and double-wishbone suspensions, but he didn’t. Instead, he commissioned SpeedFactory to come along for the ride. His Honda Civic is better for doing it, clocking a 9-second pass at its second outing, as it appears. , even though generating single-digit times wasn’t as uneventful when you think it had been While debuting the car in a local tune and test-which was, incidentally, Cole’s first-time driving the Civic Si-a preexisting hoodpin failed, launching the Civic’s carbon-fiber bonnet into a wide range of carnage that cracked the sunroof and windshield and mutilated the roof skin, a door, and a mirror. After the 9-second pass just two weeks later, a rod decided to poke its head out of the 2.0L engine block. All I wanted to accomplish is drive a front-wheel-drive car the very first timeis exactly what prompted the Washington state native to not list the Honda Civic Si coupe on Craigslist in 2012 but to find consistency and in many cases quicker timeslips. A new three-piece front end complemented the freshly painted exterior and heavy-duty axles combined with a dog box transmission generated a 9.16-second pass early in the season-the second quickest of the True Street class Cole’s Civic was classified within. Despite what others probably have you believe, though the entire package was uncannily simple. Below the hood, a totally stock B16A cylinder head sat on the top of a block that Cole says was only a run-of-the-mill combo. By season’s end Cole was determined to return the following year with something even better. Racing got serious in 2013 as did the relationship among him as well as the team at SpeedFactory as well as the car’s new title sponsor, Vibrant Performance. An overhaul of the entire car generated regular 8.7-second passes and a Sport Compact Fall Nationals victory later in the year along with a trio of world records set during the same weekend. Cole: [It] was incredible. Following Fall Cole, Nationals and company set out for the World Cup Finals where he and SpeedFactory would really make history. Within the car’s first qualifying pass of the weekend Cole broke the world record, posting an 8.50-second pass. Three subsequently quicker passes finally culminated in to aInspite of the Honda Civic victories along with the records, the transition from American cubic inches to high-rpm forced induction wasn’t as easy as you imagine. I must say, one of the more difficult things for me to understand was to keep my foot on the floor, Cole says, talking about that moment when a front-wheel-drive car actually starts to lose traction on the dragstrip. Drag racing nothing but rear-wheel-drive [cars] my whole life, my body was 100 percent wired to pedal it as soon as the [tires] spun too hard, which yielded some funny passes [from the Civic] at first. Funny or not, the fact is, without SpeedFactory’s help Cole likely would never have accomplished all they have. SpeedFactory coached me through some of the basics, and before we knew it, we had been cookin’.

I found myself hooked at this moment and there was no denying it, Cole says of how he felt following the car’s first 9-second pass. I like the feeling of Third and Fourth gears when the track is definitely there and you may straight-up just plant the power. It’s unreal, he says. And about that muscle car heritage and long list of Mustangs, despite however fast the Civic could get or whatever sort of notoriety it may have afforded him, Cole’s still proud to call a trio of which his.

Three Cute Gifts for Every Girl

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2. New Crafts


Plenty of crafts that used to be popular a few generations ago are starting to make a comeback. A gift that can be used for a long time to come, such as knitting or crochet needles, cross stitch cupcake, supplies and cake decorating supplies or perhaps sewing supplies can help give that girl in your life fun projects to function on during her down time whilst giving her a chance to be creative and create something wonderful.

3. Statement Pieces of Jewelry

With website for example Etsy, where people make and sell stuff like jewelry, you will get the girl in your life bits of jewelry that really make a statements. There are online sellers who have any type of accessories and jewelry imaginable, meaning that you can not only buy her pieces that make a statement, but also pieces that fit her personality as well. Even consider going for a gift card so that you can make certain she gets what she would like.

2007 VW GLI Fahrenheit Edition # 993/1200 – Fahrenheit GLI


Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari (AKA Imola circuit) is the infamous Italian racetrack near the town of Imola plus a jaunt within the highway through the Ferrari factory in Maranello. It’s an unforgiving and blindingly fast 17-turn circuit known as much for its flat-out speed as for its uncompromising nature. It’s a special place with a rich history of photo-finish championships and tragic crashes. But what does this legendary racetrack have in common with an aired-out Jetta? It’s simple, the Jetta is number 993 of 1200 Imola Yellow Fahrenheit GLIs ever produced.

It was what attracted Vinny Castrogivanni, although it might be a stretch trying to think of the VW lapping the track its color was named after. I truly wanted an ’07 Fahrenheit GLI due to the unique color. It’s not something the thing is every day, he was quoted saying.

I found the auto at a Volkswagen dealer with only 7000 miles upon it. It was apparently a corporate car that had been driven around the different dealerships. It had the factory Votex body kit, which I didn’t even appreciate until I delved deeper into the VW scene, Castrogivanni confessed.

We’re talking about a rare car with a rare kit. The amount of Fahrenheit GLIs with factory-equipped Votex kits do you think exist? Before he officially became a Dubhead, but the VW rookie would remain at night a few months longer. Prior to the Mk5 I owned an Oldsmobile, so it’s safe to say the Jetta was my first real car. When I bought it, I wasn’t into the aftermarket scene. Actually, I was just happy to have aat the red light. A guy inside a modified Mk5 GTI pulled up close to me and after complimenting me in my Fahrenheit Edition, he explained to check out the local VW forums and from that point it just snowballed, Castrogivanni explained.

And snowball it did… I blew my entire bank account at my first Waterfest. I bought a downpipe, cold-air intake and a number of other stuff, Castrogivanni laughed. The truth is, he had the ECU flashed also but the tune couldn’t be activated up until the downpipe being placed in the trunk was installed.

Ah, everything we wouldn’t share with step back to the youth, our first VW and a little cash burning a hole in your pocket yet againare a nice touch

With the next paycheck came the installation of the APR 3 downpipe and activation from the stage 2 software, together with a custom 3 exhaust produced from Magnaflow and Autotech components. Inlet restrictions were relieved with a BSH True Seal intake.

Other upgrades included a Forge diverter valve relocation kit and Eurojet PCV fix. A VAG-com session also traded USDM annoyances for Euro features like auto window up and down from the keyfob.

While on the subject of up and down, the Jetta drops due to one of the few Bagyard Bomber Classic air-ride kits to float over the pond. Viair compressors, controlled by an AccuAir E-Level management system, fill these rare bags. The five-gallon air tank sits in a custom trunk enclosure, looking discreet and classy.

More was needed, though Pulling and rolling the rear fenders so thin they’d cut sashimi wasn’t enough to provide sufficient tire clearance, hence the pads in the wheels were shaved. So Castrogivanni possessed a local legend fabricate custom adjustable rear control arms that allowed up to -7° of camber to tuck the wheels.mixture of Ford and Lamborghini paints

And speaking of the wheels, Castrogivanni went West Coast lowrider style with 18 Work Desmond Verse wheels. The modular design had powdercoated centers and was wrapped in Nitto rubber.

It sounds so simple, but we’d be lying when we said it was. The car was ruined twice: Once when my ‘pop-up’ garage blew over in addition to the car, as well as the second time when it was hit inside the parking lot at work, Vinny said.

The hit and run incident brought forth significant exterior changes, like the Lamborghini/Ford yellow paint – I know, we crafted a big deal from the factory Imola Yellow, but Castrogivanni always sets himself apart. Following the second mishap I decided to color it a blend of Lamborghini and Ford yellows, fitting a shaved R32 front-end at the same timeto boost negative camber and tucked the tires under the pulled and rolled fenders. The Bagyard Bomber Classic air-ride is controlled by AccuAir E-Level management system.

A keen eye will likely notice the shaved front extremities and bumper, along with the retrofitted Seat Cupra R front lip plus the late-Mk5 tail lights in a darker shade of red. Like we said, he’s all about the details…

Which reminds us: did you spot the paisley-wrapped roof pillars and full stereo system? They are nice interior touches which also incorporate a hidden button for his train horn. And therefore hints at Vinny’s sense of humor that includes the vanity plate that’s worth a few laughs, no matter where he goes.